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Agates & Me


Nice red agate quartz from Ore Mountains, Czech republic


Welcome! Maybe you are collecting gemstones and minerals, maybe you just like the colours and shapes of the agates. The agates found in Europe are all natural, being found on certain locations only. No artificial colouring, no brutal mining and exploiting both nature and the human workers.

I grew up with agates and started to collect them soon. I especially like the rare stones from old collections or secret locations, as well as nice coloured agates from well known locations, which can be placed to your home collection, onto the sideboard in your living room or at the board in your office. I found many of the stones at this website, some another are from another collections.

The agates offered at this site are carefully selected and pictured. Only the nice stones with amazing colours and shapes are being offered via this site. Eventhough I offer also some cheaper stones, but the biggest focus goes towards the unique agates, which are relatively rare. And they are! Every stone is unique, being offered in quantity of 1 piece only! Please don´t order more pieces – just 1 piece of all the agates is always available!

Don´t be afraid to write me via Email or Facebook Messenger

We ship worldwide! Wherever you live, you can get free delivery for bigger orders, depending on your shipping address.

Shipping costs are:

  • Germany – flat shipping € 5,99, free delivery from € 250
  • EU – flat shipping € 13,99, free delivery from € 350
  • Europe non-EU & Russia – flat shipping € 29,90, free delivery from € 550
  • USA/Canada, Middle East/North Africa – flat shipping € 49,90, free delivery from € 1000
  • Rest of the World/Australia/Asia – flat shipping € 69,90, free delivery from € 1800

Don´t hasitate to contact me :

tel. +49 176 43 667 669

e-mail: rosta @

Frauenrichterstr.2, 92637 Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany

Yours, with the beautiful stones ???? Rostak Siksta